About Siiqaa Water Taxi

Siiqaa Water Taxi launched in 2019 and is owned and operated by Michael Anthony (Tony) Hansen and Shaunee Casavant, a First Nations couple from Kyuquot, BC. Tony is the operator and is certified at the Masters’s level by Transport Canada. Being from Kyuquot, he knows the wind, water, and territory well and is well-versed in the history of the Kyuquot people, having made his living as a fisherman for most of his life.

Their 2019 RH Aluminum SeaHawk Pro is 22’ in length and has an enclosed cabin providing safe, reliable water transportation. Kyuquot community members use Siiqaa to get to town for shopping, appointments, and fun. Siiqaa has transported guests to fishing lodges, private summer residences, and pristine kayaking destinations in the Kyuquot area.

About Kyuquot

Kyuquot is one of the 5 major sounds found along the west coast of Vancouver Island and can only be accessed by air and water. This region showcases some of the most picturesque temperate rainforests of old spruce, cedar, and fir in the world. There are six provincial parks and four ecological reserves here.

Parks accessible to visitors include: Brooks Peninsula Provincial Park, Checleseht Bay Ecological Reserve, Tahsish-Kwois Provincial Park, Tahsish River Ecological Reserve, Dixie Cove Provincial Park and Rugged Point Marine Park. Dozens of small islands, bays, beaches, inlets, streams, rivers, and forests make up this rugged coastal landscape. In addition to experiencing the local culture, there are many things for visitors to do here, including sea kayaking, sport fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. In the local seas you may catch a glimpse of a grey whale, dolphins, and sea lions. Sea otters and seals are also abundantly scattered throughout the bays. You may see eagles, herons, gulls and other shore birds out on the rocky shoals, and further inland the forests are home to deer, elk, wolves, cougars, and black bears.